Polished Specials

Picky Clients

Are you a Picky Client?
I’ll be honest, Picky clients are the reason we are so successful. We know our clients are very demanding. That’s no Problem. You demand exceptional service from a nail salon, and that is exactly what we deliver at POLISHED.
The women (and men) who have found their way to our Salon often have been to dozens of salons before us, looking for that perfect experience. We specialize in providing that little ‘something extra’ that will make you smile…and that’s what we’re in business to deliver!
POLISHED has a distinctive service style meant for the demanding but busy individual. We are not a luxury salon and wont over pamper you. We also don’t carry the high end price tag, our prices are fair and our services are exceptional. POLISHED is meant to be the definition of value with our exceptional service, quality products, efficient booking and 7 day service guarantee.
You will be amazed at the distinctive manicures, French tips, Pink & White sets, Gel Manicures and amazing Glitter and Artistic Services. For Over 4 years POLISHED has built its reputation on every set of nails that we produce.
At POLISHED, all our nail sets are guaranteed against breakage and lifting for 7 days from time of application. If you experience breakage or lifting during your first week, simply come back and we’ll fix them no charge.

What We Do:
Our goal is to make you happy, so satisfied that you visit with us over and over on a regular basis, and recommends us to your friends. That is the attitude that launched our Salon, and that is the attitude that makes it work every day. Our clients have often become our friends, and POLISHED has hosted countless, girls day/night out, wedding showers, baby showers, bachelorette events and more. We are flattered every time someone choses to spend time with us.
We welcome your constructive and reasonable feedback and comments, we are always listening.